Regan Humphrey is a writer, psychologist, filmmaker, and educator. She is the inventor of the REFscore, the first and only scoring system that rates films on craft and social justice. Regan was hardly the first to notice that too often, films lauded as “good movies” contributed, in substantial ways, to the systemic oppression of minority groups. Working to create a healthier and more inclusive film industry, she invented the score to highlight cinematic disparity.

Combining her strengths as an interdisciplinary scholar, human psychologist, film critic, and writing professor, she founded RFI to help guide the next generation of cinematic storytellers. Better films for all is at the heart of her teaching practice.

Regan's art is her activism. She feels propelled to create lasting change through her work as a writer by creating stories that include and challenge us, offer healing, and open the way for connection with each other and our innermost selves. She helps others do the same.

Regan’s publications include numerous film reviews, interviews, personal essays, and articles.

Check out some of her publications below:

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Though Regan writes extensively across genre and medium, she is a novelist first and foremost. Justice & Liberty, her first contemporary YA novel, debuts in April of 2024.

She holds an MFA in Screenwriting & Writing for Young People, as well as a Masters in Applied Psychology and undergraduate degrees in Creative Arts, Writing & Performance and Cross-Cultural Relations. Regan was born and raised in the United States. She’s lived on both the east and west coasts. Abroad, Regan has lived in China, South Korea, Scotland, and Peru. Regan is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.